Have a look at the pictures from photo contests, projects and places where our inspectors have been. Do you have other interesting pictures you would like to share? Feel free to send them to us. 

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Reference projects


Reference projects17. August 2015

Our cooperation with EXMAR!


Reference projects05. March 2014

Underwater repair by Hydrex.


Reference projects08. January 2014

Pictures were taken in October 2013 in paintshop in Ostrava, Czech republic.

Wind farm installation vessel

Reference projects20. February 2013

Bellow attached are pictures of m/v AEOLUS. Wind farm installation vessel. Author: Petar Petrov

Pictures from paint inspectors

Reference projects09. January 2013

These are the pictures which we got from paint inspectors based all around the globe. If you want to share some picture with others do not hesitate and send it to us. You can discuss with other paint inspectors and share situations from your life!

Fresh Water tank

Reference projects10. December 2012

This photos are from Filip Bakyov. He wrote to us: I'm sending you several photos of Fresh Water Tank at one NB project. This project started in Kerch, Ukraine and is still ongoing. During the final DFT inspection of Fresh Water Tank I found few drilled holes on Deck head area. The same were filled up with a magnetic material and then touched-up by using of unknown paint product. These drilled holes were the result of the installation of insulation in the room located above the FW Tank. I have never seen this situation in my practice.   Attached are the photos of FW Tank.

Maersk Project at Lisnave Ship Yards in Portugal

Reference projects11. May 2012

In April 2012 Richard van der Wal attended two projects for Maersk at Lisnave Ship Yard in Portugal. He describes these projects like this: "Bottom line is that in my opinion we had very good conditions to do the job. Almost all days we had like 15 degrees and sunshine, only in the morning till like 9 or 9:30 there was some fog. It is always nice if you do a job and there are no clouds in the sky. The yard had a good paint crew and plenty of material to do the job. Of course we had the usual discussion with ship yard :-) and again they had a very new version of the old song. Anyway both vessels were completed in time as agreed".

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