Question: Do I need to make any payment to become a member of PIC?
Answer: No. No payment is required to register on our website. Also none of our agents will ask you for any payment to get registered. This applies to both Client and Inspector section registration.

Question: Why do I need to fill in the online template and cannot send my CV in a Word or PDF document?
Answer: In order to be able to search in our database (up to date including more than 4000 CVs) quickly, we need to be organized and maintain corporate structrure of every CV. Moreover, we need to comply with the requirements of our clients and ensure that we comply with ISO 9001:2015.

For example our client wants to have an inspector on an oil platform and the inspector needs to fly with a helicopter. We need to be sure that the inspector has the right safety training (e.g. BOSIET or HUET training) in order to get on board of the helicopter or platform. With our database we can directly filter the candidates according to required certificates or training. One more reason to fill in your CV completely...

Question: Does it matter which nationality I am?
Answer: No, people of all nationalities are welcome. Paint-Inspector.Com is proud of its multicultural and worldwide network of paint specialists.

Question: Do I need to have a company to be registered?
Answer: No. Everybody interested in coating industry and related information can register. However, if you are interested in business cooperation with us you need to be self emloyed or a company emloyee. You are responsible to comply with your local taxes.

Question: How old do I need to be to register?
Answer: Anybody can register but if you want to establish a business relationship with Paint-Inspector.Com you need to comply with your local legislation to accept a job.

Question: Is Paint-Inspector.Com part of another company or does another company have shares in Paint-Inspector.Com?
Answer: No. Paint-Inspector.Com is an independent legal entity of single owner with no external funding. For this reason we are able to operate completely independently.

Question: Does Paint-Inspector.Com provide training for any certificate like FROSIO, NACE, SSPC, BGAS, ICorr or another?
Answer: We have created an online course e-Waals. This is a pre-course to NACE and FROSIO courses. To find out more visit www.e-waals.com. We also offer FROSIO certification course. To find out more information or to register go to www.frosio-inspector.com.

Question: I have a technical question. Where can I post it?
Answer: If you have a paint related question visit our Forum and ask the other network members for their opinions.

Question: Our company is in need of an inspector. Where can I place an order?
Answer: You can contact us via emails and phones listed in the Contact section or you can use our online Request form in the Clients section.

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