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Application closedLocation: Singapore

Marine project in Singapore

We are looking for an inspector with dry docking experience for a small project in Singapore. 

Application closedLocation: Xiamen, China

Dry-docking experienced inspector, China

We are currently looking for an inspector with dry-docking experience for an assignment in China.

Application closedLocation: Nederland, TX

Marine Loading Arms

We are searching for a NACE 2 or NACE 3 inspector to evaluate earliest possible paint condition on Marine Loading Arms. 

Scope of work:  

  • to determine the origin of these defects (uncompleted coating process or afterward event during transportation, storage and installation on site):
  • Check the surface preparation where the remaining paint is left, thickness of each painting layer, and a paint removal test.
  • Explanation of why only 2 arms of the 4 installed have coating issues.

Background of Coating application: 


  • Primer coat
  • 1 coat of zinc rich primer epoxy polyamide CARBOZINC 658P
  • Color: Green DFT 75 microns 
  • Inter coat
  • 1 Coat of high build modified amine epoxy paint CARBOGUARD 893
  • Color: White
  • DFT 150 microns 
  • Top coat
  • 1 Coat of Polyurethane CARBOTHANE PU134 Color: Grey RAL 7035
  • DFT 60 microns
Application closedLocation: Germany

Cranes - offshore project

We are currently looking for a Frosio inspector for a crane installation at wind offshore project.

Application closedLocation: Singapore

One-day Inspection

Paint Inspector required for a one-day hull inspection in Singapore. Estimated inspection date is 27 September 2017. Local candidates only. 

Application closedLocation: Saint-Juéry, France

Valves inspection in France

We are currently looking for a paint inspector for 2 small assignments in France.

Application closedLocation: Shanghai

Dry-docking project China

We are looking for an inspector with dry-docking experience for an assignment in Shanghai.

Application closedLocation: Caycuma, Turkey

Experienced Inspector, Turkey

For a client we are looking for 2 very experienced paint inspectors with excellent communication skills.

As reports and daily communication will be in English, high level of English language written and spoken is a must.

Application closedLocation: Denmark

Marine project in Denmark

We are looking for an inspector with marine experience for an assignment in Denmark.

Application closedLocation: Benelux area

QC Coating Inspector with IRATA

Full-time Coating Inspector required for a 5-month project in Benelux area. 

Job description: 

  • Support inspection of coating materials and review of material certification prior to use.
  • Witness / Review coating activities of site inspection and testing activities as stipulated in ITPs
  • Oversight construction contractor activities including rework and repair activities.
  • Undertake witness/reviews of coating activities
  • Perform final inspection and material custody transfer activities.
  • Undertake review and endorsement of product certification and Contractors construction records.
  • Report any inspection deficiencies and Contractor queries 
  • Ensure Material traceability requirements are maintained and quarantine of materials when required.
Application closedLocation: Vlissingen

Inspections Vlissingen

We are looking for QA/QC with FROSIO III or NACE II for a 6 weeks project in Vlissingen, Netherlands.

For all inspectors with other nationality than Dutch A1 document is a must.

Application closedLocation: Oostende, Belgium

Oostende Offshore, Belgium

We are urgently looking for FROSIO III or NACE II inspector with GWO for an offshore project in Oostende. Duration 1 - 1,5 month, no rotation, 12 hours shifts