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Application closedLocation: Liege, Belgium

One-day inspection, Belgium

We're looking for paint inspector for a small industrial project in Belgium.

Application closedLocation: Central Germany

Welding inspection, Germany

Our client is looking for a welding inspector for a month-long project in central Germany.

Application closedLocation: North-West France

2LPE Coating, France

Inspector needed for a 2-month project in North-West France

Application closedLocation: South West Wales

Industrial inspection UK

Our client is looking for an experienced inspector for project in Wales

Application closedLocation: Bryne, Norway

Industrial inpection, Norway

Local inspector needed for an industrial project in Norway.

Application closedLocation: North of Netherlands

Industrial inspection in the Netherlands

Local inspector needed for an industrial project in North of Netherlands.

Application closedLocation: North of Scotland

Offshore wind farm, UK

Our client is looking for a GWO-certified local inspector for a long-term project in Scotland.

Application closedLocation: Lisnave, Portugal

Dry-docking, Portugal

We are looking for a local inspector for a dry-docking in project in Portugal

Application closedLocation: Bavaria, Germany

Industrial inspection Germany

We are looking for a Germany-based inspector for a 2-3 day industrial inspection Bavaria.

Application closedLocation: Netherlands

Industrial inspection Netherlands

We are looking for an inspector for a two-week project in South of The Netherlands

Application closedLocation: Landskrona, Sweden

Drydocking in Sweden

Inspector needed for a dry-docking project in Sweden

Application closedLocation: Aabenraa, Denmark

Inspector needed in Denmark

We are urgently looking for an inspector available for two day job in Denmark

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