Two-year gas pipeline project in Germany

We are looking for 4 coating inspectors for a 2-year gas pipeline project in Germany. Must speak and write German fluently.

5 November 2018
Job ID:
Dec 2018 (part time), followed by a short brake. From March 2019 on the project will run for 2 years
March 2021
Required Certificate:
Frosio Level III
New building

For the performance of the Coating Inspector, only specially trained professionals with appropriate qualifications and relevant expediting / construction site experience in the field of coating of gas systems and pipelines are to be employed.

Subject-specific training or extensive knowledge and experience in cladding, painting and coating are mandatory prerequisites for the awarding of contracts and must be proven accordingly in the offer. The Coating Inspector has sufficient and relevant knowledge of construction and occupational safety as well as coordinator knowledge according to DGUV regulation 1 and at least two years professional experience in pipeline construction.
He has extensive knowledge of passive and active corrosion protection. He is familiar with the topic of occupational safety at construction sites. As proof of qualification, a certification according to FROSIO Level III is required for the area of above-ground coatings and paints. For the underfloor area, the certificate of competence according to the DVGW worksheet GW 15 and meaningful references to comparable project activities must be submitted.
The Coating Inspector must be willing and able to actively support the realization of the projects within the framework of the parameters specified in terms of quality, costs, deadlines and occupational safety within the meaning of the client. Due to the physically demanding activity in the sometimes difficult terrain, he must have sufficient physical capacity. Further requirements may arise from the special features, type and scope of the construction project.




Quality control:

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and documentation of the Handcraftsmanship / work sample of the pipe contractor commissioned and client certified painting, serving and Coating companies before the start of activities (on the construction site). This also necessarily includes on - site corrective actions to ensure the Quality are necessary.

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and documentation of Handcraftsmanship / work sample of the pipe contractor contracted and client approved KKS companies with the pre-wrapping of pipe measuring contacts mandated were. This also necessarily includes on - site corrective actions to ensure the Quality are necessary.

  • Examination of the applied coating, coating and coating materials on quality, suitability and conformity to RN 723-013 and ordering the wrapping materials.

  • Random inspection and documentation of factory-wrapped or coated tubes and molded parts for optical integrity and ISO test (at the pipe storage site as well as during construction). When defects or non-conformance occur, Irregularities are these to document and to complaint. The implementation and accompaniment of the defect notification belong to the area of responsibility (Note: The department is to inform about kind and extent of the defects). Scope of testing after expediting at the factory.

  • Planning, implementation, monitoring and documentation of Wrapping quality of all tapping used on construction sites, Enveloping and coating systems. This includes in particular Coatings of buried piping piping, Coating of steel components, claddings on circular welds in trench and trenchless laid pipes (product pipe, Product pipe in jacket pipe, pipes in horizontal drilling process or microtunnelling method) and sheathings the floor-air transition as well as all over-floor paintings of the gas-carrying lines (RN 725-001). This includes the destructive testing of all on-site cladding systems (e.g., cladding on circumferential welds) in accordance with GL 723-501. Unless otherwise agreed, a destructive test will be carried out per day shift. When defects occur or not These are to be complained of in conformity with specifications. The execution and monitoring of the defect notification belong to the task area

  • Examination and acceptance of the part of the pre-qualified wrapping and coating companies (documentation according to GL 723-501; RN 725-001)

  • Coordination and documentation of the application of PUR Coatings according to GL 723-501 by the coating companies to be prepared coating samples. This includes the shipping and the documentation of the coating samples as well as the Obtaining the test results on the part of the review of the PUR mixing ratio entrusted to external laboratories or suppliers

  • Coordination and documentation of power supply measurements and electrolytic pore tests

  • For technical questions eg. Deviations from standards, the Coating Inspector consultation with the Department of Corrosion Protection of the client.

Schedule control:
  • Judgment on the progress of the activities of his trade and Determination of time- critical distortions
  • Create forecasts
Control of costs:
  • Checking oversizes in the specialized trade
  • Technical assessment of supplements
  • Identification of the potential of counterclaims
  • Create mass forecasts

Material logistics and quality inspection of the pipe material (adjustment Material consumption, waste, residual material list etc.)

Incoming goods inspection and recording of deliveries

Inspection of material certificates in cooperation with the experts


Occupational safety:

  • Participation in the implementation of occupational safety measures for the specific specialist trade.
  • Support of the occupational safety specialist

In the execution phase, he is also responsible for the following Services:

  • Participation in the regular construction meetings
  • Active participation in the implementation of the occupational safety philosophy of the client on the respective construction sites within the commissioned times.
  • Accompanying the discussions with the client's contractors as well as internal votes.
  • Inspections of construction sites and their documentation as specified by the client.

After the end of the project, an evaluation of the project schedule is planned, in which in retrospect, the events and the learned are discussed (Lessons-Learned conversation). Participation is mandatory.

Inspectors test equipment:

Provision of test equipment for non-destructive and destructive tests on underfloor enclosures and on above-ground coatings These include:

  • High voltage tester with suitable test electrodes

  • Shore D hardness tester

  • Adhesive strength (peel-off and dolly test)

  • Surface roughness (Comparator or digital tester)

  • Coating thickness gauge (for dry and wet film thickness)

  • Low - voltage tester for above - ground coatings

  • Cross - hatch tester for above - ground coatings

Additional requirements may arise from the special features, type and scope of the construction project.
  • Frosio Level III Certificate
  • Experience as decribed above
  • Must be able to speak and write in German language!
  • Own inspection equipment as specified above. 

General rules of selection process

The objective in process of selection of inspectors is information given in their profile at the website . You can influence your chances by doing following steps:

  • Log into database and check whether your profile is in the best possible stage.
  • It is important to fill in your details including the certificates obtained and projects done. Paint inspectors, whose CVs are not complete are having few chances compared to those, who have given particular details.
  • Have in mind that CVs sent to email address in attachment are not taken into account.
  • Keep uploading you details because the selection for all upcoming projects is done through the website.
  • After successful application you will receive an automatic email which will confirm your application.

In case of any difficulties, do not hesitate to contact us at

In case your are pre-selected or selected for any project, we will contact you via email or phone.

We wish you the best of luck!

The PIC team

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