Big Jobs in the Far East

In July 2013 PIC (Paint-Inspector.Com) was contracted by Heerema Marine Contractors in the Netherlands to provide the Paint Superintendents for their project H851.

H851 is one of the biggest barges around the world and is used to transport big items, such as topsides, part of rigs or any other big industrial items. Since the general condition of the barge is excellent, Heerma Marine Contractors decided to carry out a Life Time extension program on the barge. For this reason, a total 326,000 square meters of water ballast tanks will be completely blasted and coated.

PIC is supervising with one paint superintendent, a team of three paint inspectors for Heerema Marine Contractors and two paint Inspectors on behalf of the Paint Manufacture Hempel Coatings to assure that agreed quality will be delivered by the YuLian ship yard in Shenzhen China.

Heerema Marine Contractors chose to apply Hempadur Quatro 1763 of Hempel Coatings in 2 coats of 150 micron on a blasted surface of SA2. As it is the case with all bigger projects, the beginning was difficult and various small contract items needed some fine-tuning. However after the first tanks had been delivered by Yulian Ship yard, they started to make progress with a high quality, which was accepted by all parties involved.

It is very important that at the beginning of such big jobs the expectations in regards to quality and delivery time are very well defined. PIC has the experience to help project owners to obtain their goals and set up a good quality inspection protocol. it is important for owners to know that the problems, which could arise during the project implementation, should be resolved in the pre-execution stage of the project.

For this reason, PIC recommends conducting of an audit on the paint contractors prior to starting a project or signing a contract.













Description: General condition after the preblast. This step is followed by High Pressure washing in order to remove all soluble contamination and obtain a result of less than 50 mg/m2 of soluble contamination.














Description: Application of the 1st Stripe Coat by brush.

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