I watch paint dry for a living

March 10, 2014

With your picture you won Paint-Inspector´s Field Guide from TQC. Could you describe a bit what the situation was about? When the picture was taken? 

  • The project was a complete maintenance job of a sea water caisson at a well known naval base. I was QA/QC engineer who also had a supervisory position overseeing all abrasive blasting and coatings application works.

To be honest not a lot went wrong only the usual, late deliveries of product and such like.

The positives were the team I had around me from senior management to operatives at the work front. Jack Tighe & BAE UK offered full support throughout the duration of the project which lasted for around 3 months.

  • What is the background of you as a paint inspector – how did you encounter that kind of job?

I have been on the Inspection side of our Industry for approximately 7  years when I first achieved NACE 1 accreditation. I fulfilled NACE 2 & 3 (peer review) consecutively in May 2009 and have held a QA/QC Engineer position since.

Prior to Inspection works I was a Industrial coatings operative, blasting, spraying and everything inbetween.


  • What do you like about your profession?

The thing I like most about this profession is that every day/every site is different therefore it never feels like a chore.

And of course the look of on people’s faces when I explain that I “watch paint dry” for a living (hahaha)


  • Is there also something that you do not like?  

Not really I have great interest in corrosion control and the ever evolving technology that supports it.


  • Do you think that Paint Inspector´s Field Guide will be useful for you?

Yes as is all literature on my chosen profession, thank you.


  • Please continue  in following sentence with first thing coming to your mind:

I always wanted to…be an architect but found full time education tedious in my 3rd year and changed profession!!

Winning picture: "Light at the end". Picture was taken during project - Dockyard Caisson full refurb

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