Interview with Robert Dobrota

Working in shipyard is always dangerous, says Robert Dobrota, winner of the third round of photo contest. Go on reading and find out why he loves his profession and why he would never replace it with someone who works in office.

The picture which won you 50 Euros was taken at Lamjana shipyard, Croatia. Could you describe a bit what was the situation about?

That picture was taken few years ago when I was invited to take some tests on “KEY MANHATTAN” oil rig. Ability of subcontractor was questionable so the owner called me to be sure that all work is done by the specification. I found a lot of mistakes and many positions were claimed and repaired.

  • What is the background of you as Paint Inspector – how did you encounter that kind of job?

At first I started to work as a QC in blasting chamber in shipyard 3MAJ inCroatia. That kind of job is a good start to get some basic knowledge in paint. I was in contact with many paint inspectors and some of them are still good friends of mine. After a few years I got the opportunity to attend the FROSIO course. After passing the exam I have started to receive offers for small and short term projects and I can say that my life as a Paint Inspector began from that moment

  • Your projects make you travel all around the world. Where furthest from Croatia have you been?

I was travelling all around the world. I have been inGermany,Italy,UK,Turkey,Malta and Syriabut the furthest places were China and Singapore

  • What do you like about your profession?

I like to work with people and I really love to travel. Sometimes those same things can be disadvantages but I can say that I will never replace my work with someone who works in office 8 hour per day.

  • Is there also something what you do not like?

To work in shipyard or any industry is always dangerous. Often you must climb, walk on scaffoldings and enter into small and dirty places. Air is many times polluted and without proper protection is not easy and safe to work. When I started to work inChinaand on my first day in shipyard I had a bad experience with broken scaffolding. At the end no one got hurt but that was a good reminder that the safety should be on the first place.

  • Where is your next project taking place?

At this moment is hard to say but wherever it is, I hope I will be happy with the project and the people around me.

  • Please continue in following sentence with the first thing coming to you mind:

 I always wanted to … have a job that I´m having now.


 Winning picture

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