There are no two identical situations

January 6, 2014

We are glad to bring you next interesting interview! This time it is with Tzvetan Todorov who has several years of experiences as a paint inspector and he shared his experiences with us.

What is the background of you as a paint inspector?

I’m in this business from 1996.  Immediately after the university I received a job offer from one of the world leader in marine paints. For those times it was good offer from financial point of view and I accepted it. For last two years I have worked as owner’s supervisor.

Your projects make you travel all around the world. Where furthest from your homeland have you been?

In Japan. My last contract was ship new building in Japan. Also once I have been in Texas USA, but I don’t know which one is the furthest one.

  • What do you like about your profession?

It is a dynamic job. I don´t spend long time in one place.

  • Is there also something what you do not like?

 I don’t like to be far away from my family for long periods. 

  • What is the most interesting thing you have experienced as a paint inspector?

In our job there are no two identical situations. Every time there are some specifics making our decisions to be complicated. But the most interesting thing for me are people. Different people from different countries, traditions and religions. All of them are thinking differently, and in same time all are just humans with their  feelings, dreams and believing. From this reason I believe that my best experience is exactly this. 

  • Did you have some project which was from some reason special? 

No. For me all projects are special and important. I try to focus my attention on my present project. I’m not living in the past. The past is only an experience for me. 

  • Where is your next project taking place?

I have just completed my contract and now I hope to stay at home enjoying my family, friends and hobbies.

  • What are your hobbies?

My hobby is sailing. Then I was young I was active sailor. Now I’m sailing radio controlled sail boats. Also I’m spending a lot of time to build my boats. I have a small workshop at home and I’m spending a lot of time in it.

  • Please continue  in following sentence with first thing coming to your mind:

 I always wanted to enjoy life.
















Winning picture:"When the paint is too much" The picture was taken in painting shop of Oshima S/Y, and thanks of good it is not part of painted block. This is inside of a keel block, and painters are cleaning the equipment in it.

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