You need to love to paint

Do you know how did company Paint-Inspector.Com begin? Let´s read an interview with its founder Richard van der Wal and learn more about this company and you also may get some advices for job of a paint inspector.

  • You have your own company which unites paint inspectors from all around the world. How did you get to his idea?

The idea came from a fact that I started to work as an independent and I saw that there were no organization where you could go or register yourself. And I could see that other craftsmanships have specialized organizations. So I saw that it was difficult to find paint inspectors also I could see that inspectors have different kind of expertise and knowledge and then I thought “Ok, let´s try to organize it”. So from this point I have started to develop ideas about creating company for paint inspectors.


  • What are your future plans? What should be the direction of Paint-Inspector.Com?

I think that the future should be that our company will support clients with a management system which can be integrated into their processes; we are working on it already.

  • You have also worked as a paint inspector; please tell us how did you encounter that kind of job?   

I was working as a painter in body shop for trucks and cars and there I was doing jobs which were inspected by inspectors from Sigma Coatings. I really liked painting and everything what was about it so I saw it as a next career step-from painter to inspector.

  • What do you like about your job? 

I think that the best part is that something old, then it´ s painted, looks beautiful again. I really like this visual part of thing. Another thing what I really like is that you have the ability to travel a lot and do the job during completely different circumstances. Until now I liked the Vietnam the most.

  • Is there also something that you do not like?         

I don´t think that there is some negative part of this job.

  • What is the most interesting thing you have experienced as a paint inspector?

The most interesting and surprising thing is that the bigger project is, easier the job goes. Small projects are much more difficult than the big ones.

  • Is there some project in your history as a paint inspector which was from some reason special? 

I really liked project from Yara, because everything what could go wrong, went wrong before I came there and I learned there how important is to set up good quality documentation.

  • What would be your message to people who want to become paint inspectors?

First learn how to paint and love to do it.

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