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The body of knowledge of the adverse effects upon humans of excessive exposure to chemicals.

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  • ReplyBruce Bowser27. August 2015

    I am researching toxicology of paint, in particular to it's effects on the Marine environment. This study stems from concrete seawalls that have been spray painted for decades with lead based and high VOC paints. In recent months an effort is being made to clean up and discourage graffiti artists and taggers by rolling over the old artwork with a neutral colored latex paint. This has resulted in flakes and chips of paint coming off the walls and getting into the ocean. Paint chips are washed into the ocean or remain near the surf line where they break down further. We believe that the toxicity of the paint is posing a threat to shorebirds and marine life. While there is a lot of information about paint toxicity to humans there seems to be little reference to marine environments. Can you help in our research?

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