Paint-Inspector.Com s.r.o.

Paint-Inspector.Com (PIC) is an ISO 9001 certified paint inspection and consultancy agency. Via our global network of more than 2000 certified paint inspectors and coating advisors we are able to provide a reliable service for all kinds of projects and create long term value.

Our experts are recognized by FROSIO, NACE, ICorr, BGAS, SSPC and other certification authorities. They are fully capable of executing the agreed paint specification for any project such as Industrial & Chemical installations, Marine & Offshore or any other object coated with marine or protective coatings.

We supply QA&QC experts and foremen for surface pretreatment and paint application always in accordance with the standards agreed. Thanks to the high level of our in-house technical knowledge we cut supply chain costs. Major players from Oil & Gas, Renewables or Marine Industry use our services regularly.

Variety of certification, experience and background of the inspectors in our network makes Paint-Inspector.Com a unique place where coating industry professionals meet and share information. Our company complies with the requirements made by worldwide supply and procurement channels.


  • ISO 9001: 2008 certified
  • Access to more than 2000 paint experts in one place
  • Quick service available worldwide
  • Full service package for relocation of the inspectors
  • In-house knowledge of international standards used within the industry

Market segments


Pipelines have specially designed coating systems. For this reason paint inspectors who inspect them need to be fully trained to understand the products used. The number of paint inspectors available on the market is limited. However we have more than 200 highly experienced coating advisors in our network. If you have a requirement for inspection on pipelines or pipeline coatings feel free to contact us.


Protective coating is used for corrosion protection on steel structures such as bridges, chemical and Oil&Gas plants, storage tanks or any other objects. Inspections often include work at heights or in confined spaces where access requires special training (e. g. IRATA training). We are able to provide inspectors to our clients who have the unique combination of certificates and specialist skills.

Marine and offshore

In this segment coating is mandatory. This refers to any kind of vessel, floating or any offshore related objects during the new-building, maintenance or dry-docking phases.

Wind Turbines

One of the most popular and fastest growing markets in the world is the Renewable Energy produced by wind turbines. This sector has a growing need for the protective coatings and qualified paint inspectors complying with the requirements defined by standards such as NORSOK 501.



During all stages of the project a qualified inspector can be made available for both short and long term projects. The projects are designed and constructed all around the world and with our network we are able to find local solution. This can be for a vessel where IMO PSPC applies or for any other object where you want to secure your interest.


In order to ensure desired outcome of your paint process we can audit your supplier. With the knowhow and experience we can help your contractor to improve their procedures as well as measure their internal processes to ensure they meet your standards and requirements.


With our wide and deep knowledge of the coating industry we are able to assist and answer questions of our clients in relation to surface pretreatment and coating application. The findings are recorded in our comprehensive reports.

Relocation assistance

When using our service you can outsource travel administration related to relocation of inspectors to Paint-Inspector.Com. We can assist to arrange travel documents, flight tickets, accommodation, transportation on-site etc.


On our website you can find free online calculator for ship dimensions, dead volume, paint consumption and spreading rate calculators and much more.


We can provide you with tailor-made paint specifications and procedures, based on international standards such as ISO, ASTM or PSPC.

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