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Win prize valued 110 Euro!

Dear all,we are glad to announce you new round of photo contest. This round will last exactly one month, so you can send us your pictures until October 10th, 2013. Please follow the rules of photo contest so you can join the contest without troubles.

New pictures!

Dear all, check out new pictures from paint inspectors.

Every project provides new challenges!

First round of a contest "What is in the picture" is over. We have received nearly thirty correct answers and author of one of them and also the winner of photo contest is Dan Bostina. Read interview with this paint inspector.

Evalutation of the contest

Dear all, we asked you to guess what is in the picture. Keep reading and check the right answers!

PIC and social media

Do you use Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linked In? We want to keep you updated so from now you can find us on these social platforms.

Can you tell what is in the picture?

Dear all, because we want to bring you something new all the time, we have new chance for you to win Paint Inspector´s Field Guide. This time it is not typical photo contest, this time is enough knowledge needed. Do you think that you have it? Keep reading and the prize may be yours!

If the man wants to work hard, he will always find a job

Industrial round of photo contest is over and now you can read interview with its winner Kiril Tomov. He works as a paint inspector for several years and even when his project ends, he is not afraid. Like he says: If the man wants to work hard – he will allways find a job

Industrial round of photo contest is over

Next round of photo contest is over and we have to announce the winner. As usually it is not easy because all pictures which we get were really beautiful. But this time the prize goes to Kiril Tomov. Big thanks go to all participants!

PIC at Google+

Dear all, from now you can find us also at Google+. Follow us and be sure that there is nothing what you can miss!

You need to love to paint

Do you know how did company Paint-Inspector.Com begin? Let´s read an interview with its founder Richard van der Wal and learn more about this company and you also may get some advices for job of a paint inspector.

Industrial round of photo contest

Dear paint inspectors, we are glad to inform you that next round of our photo contest is here! You can send us your pictures and win Paint Inspector´s Field Guide from TQC. And which kind of picture should you send? This time we have a thematic round-industrial objects. It means for example windmills, bridges etc...

Some shipyards do not work properly

Some shipyards do not work correctly and arrange the cheaper subcontractors which do not have experienced leaders and skilled workers and in some time they do not have enough workers. Working at these kinds of projects can be really hard. Read interview with Franjo Tomljenovic and find out more!
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